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I first saw Canadian singer-songwriter Doug Paisley at Nashville’s Exit/In. It was loud and he was a guy with an acoustic guitar and I admit I may not have been as attentive as I’d have liked to be in hindsight. But hindsight is a bitch—as I realized a few months later when I discovered the quiet beauty of Constant Companion, Paisley’s sophomore album. Released on the small but dedicated New York label, No Quarter, Constant Companion features Garth Hudson’s inimitable organ work. It was the kind of record that seems to blend in with the air on a long country road, or straightens you out like that first cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. Paisley is something of a master bluegrass guitarist, though his voice and songwriting probably stand out to most listeners over his guitar abilities (they did for me). This April, Paisley surreptitiously dropped a five-song EP called Golden Embers. In February, the Canadian website Southern Souls made this video of Paisley playing in an art gallery-type setting, surrounded by creatures made by the artist Heather Goodchild. He plays the Hideout on Wednesday.

Doug Paisley
“To & Fro”