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Reading some upcoming Chicago punk show listings, I saw a name I recognized. Last year, I wrote a story on Nathan Salsburg, but here his name was at the end of a description for a Louisville singer named Joan Shelley. She “makes startling music” Salsburg wrote of his fellow Kentuckian. He’s right. I’m not sure how she’s stayed under the radar for so long, especially with help from Daniel Martin Moore, Cheyenne Marie Mize, and Salsburg. “Siren” from Shelley’s 2012 album,¬†Ginko,¬†recalls Gillian Welch’s vocal phrasing and contains lyrics from the Scottish folk singer Archie Fisher’s song “The Final Trawl.” Both of which seems entirely appropriate to me. It’s a little early, but mark your calendar for July 22, when Shelley plays Township, a venue that has mostly punk shows. With the Chicago singer-songwriter Angela James.

Joan Shelley